Structural Engineering

Engineers are helping to design work on blueprints and collaborate on structural analyzing

Complete structural design solutions for new builds, renovations, or extensions for any type of residential, commercial, educational and industrial projects.

  • Pile Foundation​
  • Foundation Design​
  • Masonry Block Wall Design​
  • Grade Slab/Foundation Slab​
  • Bracing Design​
  • Mid-Floor Framing & Beam Layout​
  • Issue of PS1, PS2 and PS4

Seismic Engineering


Seismic (or) Earthquake resistant engineering is an important discipline all over New Zealand.  Structure designed for seismic should withstand shaking, damage and collapse of the structures. Most of our Seismic designs are done for Ceilings, Mechanical services and even architectural facades.

We do the following

  • Initial Seismic Assessment (ISA) / Initial Evaluating Procedure (IEP)​
  • Detailed Seismic Assessments (DSA)/ Detailed Engineering Evaluation (DEP)​
  • Structural Assessment Report​
  • Seismic Restraint Systems Design for HVAC units​
  • Structural Seismic Bracing Design for ceilings​
  • Seismic retro- fitting design​

Temporary Works Engineering

Temporary works include the analysis, design, and review of all temporary design solutions which enables the build of actual permanent structure including but not restricted to the Design of Precast Panel propping, Loading Platforms, Crash deck design, Hoarding, Tower Crane bases design, Bulkheads, Gantry/ Lift Beams Design etc. Our engineers are highly trained with sound engineering knowledge to provide solutions to many of the needs and situations of real-life construction problems and on-site processes of the construction industry.

  • Issue of Design Certifications for all types of construction-oriented temporary works above ground and below.
  • Propping design for suspended Precast and in-situ Concrete elements, Precast wall panels.
  • Wind & Earthquake Bracing Design, Balustrade Design, Deck Design, Retrofitting Design, Permanent & Temporary Hoarding Design, Operable Wall Supporting Elements Design.
  • Design of working Platforms for Piling rigs.
  • Design of suspended Temporary Platforms, Stairways, Walkways and Ladders.
  • Scaffolding Design and signoff, Shrinkwrap Counterweight Design, Hoarding Design, Hoisting Design.
  • Safety Barriers, Sacrificial retaining structures.
  • Design and structural peer review of Temporary Structures.
  • Design of Tower Crane Foundations.

Project Management

We offer wide range of Project Management Services including
  • Turnkey Solutions for Residential projects
  • Offering development options for properties to direct clients and developers
  • Subdivision of houses, assisting in resource and building consent applications
  • Advice and feasibility studies for critical projects
  • Project budgeting, payment schedules, cash flow charts and timely budget forecasting
  • Design coordination, surveyors, town planners and engineering selection for consent applications
  • Planning, scheduling and arranging of sub-contractors for site works
  • Project Administration, Project Coordination and Contracts Administration
  • Quality inspections, quality assurance and council Certificate Of Acceptance (COA)
  • Pre-demolition inspections, reporting and planning of structural demolitions
  • On site management, council inspections, construction monitoring and day-to-day project management
  • Project execution from mobilization to obtaining Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) from Council

Construction Monitoring

Our Construction Monitoring services include:

  • Construction Monitoring & Observation Report 
  • Design Reviews and Value Engineering Documents
  • Structural Inspection and Detail Report
  • Site Inspection and Detail Report
  • Issue compliance report to council (PS4)

CPENG Services (Chartered Professional Engineer)


The team at ACPML are vastly experienced in diverse projects across construction. The staff are registered engineers and project management professional headed by a Registered Chartered Engineering Professional (CPEng) with over 35 years of design and construction expertise. Being the field expert by managing high-scale projects like Auckland Airport, Remuera Railway Station, Fiji Nandi Airport, Nava Sheva Ship terminal and various other projects. The sound knowledge and analytical problem-solving techniques helps in offering innovative solutions to clients. Projects with critical design and execution hurdles are offered with best in field advice to overcome all the technical difficulties with ease.

The team has been offering technical advice through intense study and calculations to overcome never seen before problems. Some of the major projects offered temporary work design and critical solutions are Auckland Airport, Mangere Cycling Bridge, Middlemore Hospital, Sylvia Park and Munroe Apartments.

Some of the design advise and re-engineering site solutions have saved the clients from 10k NZD to 500k NZD. For residential projects with adverse site conditions and deteriorating conditions, the team offered advise to overcome piles, complete soil filling and reducing site coverage to give client huge reliefs and satisfaction on taking up CPEng servies.

CP Eng services include a wide range of undefined list of services. Some of them are,

  1. Pre demolition checks,
  2. Soil instability solutions,
  3.  Structural failure re-engineering advice,
  4. Complex structural fittings on existing old structures,
  5. Pre renovation advice,
  6.  Council compliance certificate.

For any complex problems and advice on the same. The CPEng services can be taken up to offer sound advice to futureproof structures for 50-100 years.