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Ansari Consulting and Project Management Limited (ACPML) is a leading construction company in New Zealand offering design solutions in Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Seismic Engineering, and Temporary Works Structures.

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Ansari Consulting and Project Management Limited (ACPML) is a pioneer in Newzeland’s infrastructure industry, having executed landmark projects that have defined the country’s progress since 2007. Maintaining our legacy of innovation in engineering and construction, we continue to add new milestones with every passing year, building world-class infrastructure and creating new opportunities for everyone.


Our Vision

The long-term vision is to bridge the gap between design, engineering and construction. ACPML offers turnkey solutions to clients for residential and commercial construction around Auckland. With proven expertise in Structural Engineering, Temporary Work Design for Complex Projects and Project Management Services. The team aims to design and deliver high end engineered projects through micro and macro management.

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15 years of experience

Ansari Consulting is very reputed in the Auckland Construction industry and never fails to deliver solutions for any engineering issues related to construction. Modern practices of lean construction techniques, latest technological tools and reasonable design execution sense acts as the main principle to Ansari Consulting company goals in delivering projects.

Structural Engineering

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Key Projects

New Zealand, Auckland,

Auckland International Airport

Structural Design, Temporary Works and Construction Monitoring
Tiger Bridge

Tiger Bridge - Auckland Zoo

Temporary Works Design
Anzac Apartments

Anzac Apartments​

Temporary Works Design and Seismic Engineering