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Established in 2007, Ansari Consulting and Project Management Limited (ACPML) is a leading construction company in New Zealand offering design solutions in Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Seismic Engineering, and Temporary Works Structures. We also provide Project Management services to clients with Residential and Commercial Projects. The team at ACPML are highly trained and skilled to cater professional engineering services to various clients along residential, commercial, industrial and educational buildings. We carry professional indemnity and General liability insurances, for our engineering services, to safeguard the client’s interests.

Ansari Consulting is very reputed in the Auckland Construction industry and never fails to deliver solutions for any engineering issues related to construction. Modern practices of lean construction techniques, latest technological tools and reasonable design execution sense acts as the main principle to Ansari Consulting company goals in delivering projects.

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Our Mission

The ACPML team strives to provide value to clients through modern structural design methods, latest software and on time design delivery for design engineering. We recognize every project is unique and do our due diligence before initiating works on it. We try to yield the best engineered solutions for any complex projects through our design and field expertise. The mission is to establish the company globally in the construction sector.

Our Vision

The long-term vision is to bridge the gap between design, engineering and construction. ACPML offers turnkey solutions to clients for residential and commercial construction around Auckland. With proven expertise in Structural Engineering, Temporary Work Design for Complex Projects and Project Management Services. The team aims to design and deliver high end engineered projects through micro and macro management.

Our Values


The company is committed to peoples safety. The design parameters are risk averse, conservative and a build guarantee of 50 years.


The company integrates values of growth, commitment, and leadership into its staff to nurture them into being field experts of their industry.


Effective communication, collaboration and leveraging expert advice. The team aims to keep information process smooth without missing any information while executing projects.

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Idris Ansari (Qual)

Idris Ansari founded Ansari Consulting and Project Management Limited in the year of 2007 and has overlooked over 500 projects being delivered in various disciplines of design engineering around Auckland. Academically Idris holds a bachelor’s degree with Honours in Civil Engineering while being inducted in the Board of Honours at the university. Also, acquired Certificate of Proficiency in Earthquake Engineering from University of Auckland. Idris is also a Registered Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineering New Zealand from the year 2017. He has over 35 years of experience in the construction industry across New Zealand, India and Gulf countries and has managed major projects such as Auckland Airport, Mt. Eden Railway Station, Mangere Bridge, and Fiji Airport.

Idris has been awarded long term service award at Hawkins Construction for working with them for 14 years. Idris has a very active lifestyle and strongly portrays quality service being offered for engineering designs and construction monitoring through building codes implementation by well trained staff. He always quotes “Conservative approach is far better than adopting a robust process to save costs in construction.”

Idris Ansari (Qual)

Managing Director,
Principal Structural Engineer (CPEng)